Colleges For Hillary is a grassroots political organization founded by Laurelle Cheng (Wellesley '15), Queenie Cheng Clemente (Obama '08) and Paul Clemente (Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan '91-'92) - individuals who are passionate about getting Hillary Clinton elected as the first female President of the United States. Our focus is highly targeted at garnering support from the college student demographic.

In this day and age, popular media, the 24 hour news cycle and the opposing party look to dehumanize candidates, make snap judgments without giving candidates a fair shake. It is easy to create caricatures, to present all the foibles and failures without a counter narrative. Colleges For Hillary strives to dispel and debunk these myths, to separate fact from fiction about Hillary via both the film medium and in-person discussions with people who know her well; to help people understand Hillary not only as real person, your friend, your next-door neighbor, a wife, a mom - but also the guiding force who will lead this country into 2016 and beyond. Who is Hillary? What kind of person is she? Is she portrayed accurately in the media? These and many more questions are those that will be answered in this first of its kind forum at Wellesley College, Hillary Rodham Clinton's alma mater.

In this endeavor we hope to offer young voters a new and unvarnished perspective on Hillary - not just as a highly accomplished political figure, an international statesperson, but also as a force for change. That Hillary is not a superhuman but a human being that above all else is looking to improve the lives of millions across the globe.